Personal Finance 101

Canvas Course Build


About this project

This project was developed during my graduate course Designing of a Blended Online Learning Environment. Throughout my time in this course, I was able to learn about the different instructional strategies as well as how to produce and incorporate multimedia lessons. For my final project I developed a personal finance course for high school students in the LMS Canvas.

A major lesson during this project was understanding Keller's ARCS model. Attention, relevance, confidence, and satisfaction are the elements that makeup Keller's ARCS model. These four parts will increase motivation and engagement when developing eLearning courses. I applied many of these elements to my class as well as multimedia products.

Overall, this course improved my understanding and confidence in how to build an online course that utilizes different learning environments as well as increases student motivation. My thoughts on an online learning environment have changed.


"Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners."

- John Holt