For my capstone project in the IDT program at the University of Cincinnati, I evaluated the usability of an educational game I created. The following evaluation documents were used to research Life: to Save or Spend usability for the targeted audience (young adults).

Evaluation Plan

An effective educational game can enhance the learning process, but not any educational game can become a valuable educational tool. A game based on practical learning theories and evaluating its performance needs to be created to assure its value for users. Usability testing is a methodology that can ensure an end product is suitable for learners. Life: to Save or Spend is the artifact that I will be testing for this evaluation plan. Life: to Save or Spend is an educational game designed for young adults new to personal finance. It is a choose your own adventure style game that depicts real-world spending situations. By playing the game, users can understand what it is like to make certain financial decisions. This evaluation plan seeks to assess the design and technology of Life: to Save or Spend by usability testing. The usability testing will be performed by experts and non-experts in the field of educational technology, as well as personal finance. The usability testing results will be analyzed and used to revise the game and turn it into a valuable learning tool.

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Evaluation Report

This report discusses the learning theories and instructional design models that inspired the creation of Life: to Save or Spend, an educational game designed for 18-30-year-olds struggling to make the right personal finance decisions. Six participants partook in my usability testing. The proposal was presented in my evaluation plan. The report presents the information I collected and provides recommendations from the data received to enhance Life: to Save or Spend to make it a valuable educational tool. I will also reflect on my experience conducting an evaluation and some of the lessons I learned during my time in the Instructional Design and Technology program at the University of Cincinnati.

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